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The Gamers Foundation is an  social innovation, technological, educational and professional organization, which approaches in a specialized, expert and deep way to gamer culture and phenomenon. A global reality of growing and high relevance in the economic, educational, social, personal, family, professional fields, among others.


The entity has a scope that goes from the local (Colombia), the Latin American region, Spain and in the long term: the global, through the evolution of the -Fundación Gamers, towards the worldwide consolidation as: Gamers Foundation.


The organization offers a variety of possible answers to the challenges and opportunities derived from video game contexts and activities, through projects, products and professional services.



His game involves mistakes, failures, give ups, smiles of hope for the repetitive frustration.

The gamer tries, tries, tries, tries, tries, tries, tries, tries, again and again, until he finds himself in achievement.

Their game is about confrontation, courage, enjoyment and flexibility to face the change. Be it this change the fruit of the harshest, ideal or fascinating reality.


The Gamer exists between the traditional, the analog and the digital. Between the spontaneous, the delicate, the formal and the transcendent.


He advances kicking a can, throwing a simple ball or enjoying the most lucid dream created by the human: Videogames






Cycle 2. General information about gamer culture.

Cycle 3. Problems and challenges.

Cycle 4. Benefits Opportunities.

Cycle 5. Practical workshops.



Issues: Gamerbullyng©, habits and gaming routines(addiction/professionalization), Game-based Education, content selection/ control by age and need, online security in multiplayer environments, Gamergonomy© (Gamer-setups ergonomics), Gamer digital health and well-being, among others.



Gamers Foundation

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Luis Fernando Jaimes Rozo
Founder & CEO
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Marcela Garzón Espitia
General Vice
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Gamers Foundation

| todos los derechos reservados | 2021

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